Saturday, January 20, 2007

Agile and Google

I've been following Eric Sink's blog for a few years now, and he recently wrote a post where he linked to Stevey's blog. Stevey wrote a blog post last year entitled, Good Agile, Bad Agile. If you've got any interest in "Agile" or how Google does software management, it's a must read.

I've done a lot of SDLC/Agile research, experimentation, and practice in my 5 year career (Web Programmer, Project Manager, Web Application Manager - every 2 years I get a promotion. At this rate I should be the ruler of the universe in about 14 years.), so the title caught my eye. About half-way through the post I remembered I had read this post back when it came out. I'm really glad I rediscovered this gem of a post. It makes you realize just how smart the management at Google is.

I think Pudding will be in private beta next month. If Ataraxis Software ends up being something I can do full time, I'll be re-reading this post every year!


Update: I've also found, (Not) Managing Software Developers, by Stevey that is really good. On a side note, if you're into reading about software management, Rands in Repose is a really good blog.



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