Monday, July 25, 2005

Konfabulator bought by Yahoo!

Konfabulator is now the property of Yahoo! Konfabulator is a program that allows you to run a bunch of little widgets on your computer. Since Konfabulator is now free, I've downloaded it.

It's a pretty sweet program. Right off the bat here are my favorite widgets.

  1. The Weather - It just looks so damn cool!
  2. CompactMemory - I just like to see how much free memory I have, sue me. :)
  3. Waste Basket - This widget is awesome, it's a gigantic trash can (I'm using Windows, so it's a "Recycle Bin"). Konfabulator allows you to hit F8 to invoke "Konpose". Konpose brings all of your widgets to the foreground. I've got Waste Basket set to only appear when I'm in Konpose mode. If I want to drag something to the Recycle Bin I don't have to worry if it's hidden by a maximized window. Click on item to delete, hit F8, drag to trash - the rest of my desktop is exactly as I left it! Me likely!


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